The iGOfsbo System:

  • Is the evolution of Real Estate Sales and Marketing in the 21st Century.
  • Is a change agent- establishing a free market and encouraging competition for the benefit of all end users.
  • Is a fully automated software system to transact real estate online from creating a Listing to the Acceptance of an Offer.
  • Is a SaaS (Software as a Service) Sales, Marketing and Media business software platform for all End Users- Seller, Buyer and Licensee.

iGOfsbo is the only software platform designed and developed to support the real estate professional / entrepreneur (Licensee) to deliver high quality, value added, competitive service to home sellers and home buyers.        

Home Sellers and Buyers look for Real Estate Agents 
"Powered by iGOfsbo"



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Mission Statement

Blending the human touch with technology to network Buyers & Sellers in an affordable online platform that encourages confidence, efficiency, transparency, and security for the maximization of interests of all Consumers.

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