Before working with a real estate broker ask if they are "Powered by iGOfsbo"

Top 10:

1. The iGOfsbo system of the 4 Core Elements +1 is the Evolution of Real Estate sales.

List, Show, Negotiate and Sell your home online with an iGOfsbo Licensee.

2. The iGOfsbo system puts more Money in the SELLER’S pocket.

By not paying a commission and using the iGOfsbo system, the Seller keeps a much greater % of the sales price of their home. 

3. The iGOfsbo system applies state of the art Marketing.

The Seller's listing is seen by as many willing and able Buyers as possible.

4. The iGOfsbo system offers a SELLER a higher Level of Service and Attention.

Compared to any other method of selling a home the iGOfsbo system engages more dedicated professionals to assist in the marketing and selling of your home.

5. The iGOfbo system Licensee charges a transparent FIXED FEE.

The iGOfsbo system encourages a free market and is extremely competitive for the benefit of the Buyer and Seller.

6. The iGOfsbo system gives a SELLER the Competitive Advantage.

iGOfsbo enables the Seller to market their home at the true market price (appraised value)  without imposing a commission.

7. The  iGOfsbo system allows the SELLER to create a Seller's Timeline.

The iGOfsbo system has a defined beginning and end and openly shares the Seller's Timeline with the Buyer.

8. The iGOfsbo system empowers the SELLER with more CONTROL.

The Seller is in control and uses the Licensee as a member of the Seller's marketing team.

9. The iGOfsbo system encourages all BUYERS to be PRE-APPROVED.

iGOfsbo's goal  is to make timely "Matches that Happen" between serious Buyers and Sellers.This control feature guarantees all offers are valid and further protects the security of the Seller and their home.

10. The iGOfsbo system assists the SELLER in determining the Sales Price of a home.

The iGOfsbo system provides the Seller with the most current market information to assist in pricing the home.

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