Technology in the 21st century is breaking the stronghold of the traditional commissioned broker monopoly making the transaction of real estate more efficient and cost effective for the consumer. The iGOfsbo system marries Technology and the Human Touch supported by an iGOfsbo Licensee.

Who is an iGOfsbo LICENSEE? 

A vetted and authorized individual or company that holds the right to deploy the iGOfsbo software system’s 4 Core Elements. All Licensees
operate as an independent business, autonomous from JABIN Software, LLC.

An iGOfsbo Licensee is a Real Estate Entrepreneur (R.E.E.) and/or a Real Estate Professional (R.E.P.):

  • A R.E.E. supports the software only- this is ideal for individuals that have not acquired a state real estate license;  whereas  
  • A R.E.P. supports the software and real estate transaction. Examples are Brokers, Agents, Developers, Banks, Attorneys...                                                                                 

 The Benefits of Being an iGOfsbo LICENSEE

  • Control Destiny.
  • Turnkey operation.
  • Flexible Compensation Model.
  • Multi-Channeled Lead Generator.
  • Time and Resource Management.
  • Reduces Operating and Resource overhead.
  • Positively differentiates your business from the competitiion.
  • Leverage technology to increase business volume and net profit.
  • Consumer Centric platform delivering the highest quality and level of service without increasing costs.

 How an iGOfsbo LICENSEE competes with a Traditional Real Estate Agent

  • The iGOfsbo LICENSEE keeps 100% of all Fixed Fees collected.
  • The iGOfsbo LICENSEE makes a greater profit and may charge the Seller less of a % Sales Price.
  • The iGOfsbo LICENSEE may target promotions and charge an adaptable Fixed Fee at varying Sales Prices.
  • The iGOfsbo LICENSEE maintains a competitive advantage over the Traditional agent and may charge any Fixed Fee amount that best reflects their operating market.

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Mission Statement

Blending the human touch with technology to network Buyers & Sellers in an affordable online platform that encourages confidence, efficiency, transparency, and security for the maximization of interests of all Consumers.

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