What is iGOfsbo (For Real Estate)

JABIN Software's evolutionary patent pending iGOfsbo sales and marketing system is an end user solution enhanced by the human touch of an iGOfsbo Licensee- a real estate professional (R.E.P.) or entrepreneur (R.E.E). The Licensee "Powered by iGOfsbo" is a facilitator for the Buyer and Seller. Working together the Seller, Buyer, and Licensee leverage the patent pending “4 Core Elements" of the iGOfsbo system. 

The 4 Core Elements are the iGOfsbo Passbook, the Seller's Timeline, the Seller's Parameters and the Proprietary Offer Protocol (POP).

Similar market improvements spawned by the Internet have been adopted in other industries. The Travel Industry, Stock Brokerage and Multi-Media distribution have all experienced greater consumer satisfaction and reduced transaction costs. These improvements are made possible because of the application of Internet-based technologies in the delivery of services. The real estate industry is no different and iGOfsbo is leading the way.

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Mission Statement

Blending the human touch with technology to network Buyers & Sellers in an affordable online platform that encourages confidence, efficiency, transparency, and security for the maximization of interests of all Consumers.

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